Mineral Water
22 x 30 in, poster series, Inkjet print, 2012
advisor: Dylan Fracareta

These 5 compositions are made of stylized symbols I extracted from the labels of 5 mineral water bottle labels I use regularly. I'm interested in how to create specific, subjective, value by investigating the value of ordinary products in an objective context. That is to say, the purpose of this project is to change the value of the mundane mass products to the unique/intimate value as a work of art. I design rules based on the concept of disassembly-assembly modules, as an interpretation of the general mass production process (assembly line). With these rules, endless compositions can be generated. In other words, this is not just a way of making end forms, but also creating methods to generate art work, using the notions of modern industry's assembly instructions – specific rules, conditions, and mechanical algorithms.