30 x 22 in, poster, inkjet print, 2012

This work studies the mythic aspects which are embedded in contemporary commercial products.

The title "Autopia" comes from "Automobile + Utopia". My research on the car branding conventions of the ten most popular American automobile companies highlighted that certain types of mythic value — human desire, fantasy, ideal and religious belief — surround our mundane consumer lifestyle. For example, according to my research, a lot of car names refer to specific places such as tourist attractions and geographical features — e.g. Chevlolet Silverado, GMC Canyon, Honda Ridgeline and HYUNDAI Santa Fe. Most of the locations used for naming are idealized places, associated with beautiful and glorious mother nature. In this sense, I substituted the imagery of cars in a mundane context with the pictures of idealized places used for those car naming. In the visualization process, the value of reality is substituted with fantasy, and discover our desires which are projected in products.