Minsun Eo 2007
2007, 680 x 980 mm, Offset Lithography Poster/Leaflet
Self-Initiated, Graphic Design Method Research and
Thesis for BFA

The poster is a visual representation of the Minsun Eo's
reflection on his studies. Based on a list of influences
(such as “style” or “logical thinking”) each category is
assigned a particular graphic symbol.

All symbols taken together form a graphic pattern
symbolising the study process. The rear side of the
poster provides the concept with transparency, and
enables the reader to comprehend the developement
process in detail.

This poster has been awarded Certificate of
Typographic Excellence from Type Directors Club TDC54
, Winner from :Output 11 Award(Germany),
Honorable Mention from Adobe Design Achievement
Awards(USA), and printed on Typography29, :output 11
in 2008.